Olive Tree

This company and thier catfish scumbucket attorneys(under any manager) will smile- and likely shove a
shiv in your back when youre not looking..and they do talk shit about you after you leave, sell your information
to third parties without consent.

Things will break, maintenance acts like a mafia. Refuses to fix anything, even with Code breathing down thier back.
Has Glendale mayor in thier pocket.
Owner is in Texas- just wants to get rid of you.
Law firm represents several reasonable complexes in town
and actively recieves, and gives kickbacks to complexes for referring cases to them.
It looks pretty because code has been forcing the complex managers to get on things. Its a dump, and its in Phoenix metro area.
Not that I cared for the pool, they always had problems with the locks.
No central HVAC(evap garbage inside the vent), heat is garbage. Hot water has no backflow valve, empties tanks when water is cut off.
Dishwasher will make you sick, cable company cant connect you(and rips you off) because of all of the "building mods".
No privacy, has wooden mexi-blinds that mimic blinds- from over your head-- to your ankles.
Location: across from Glendale Community(you dont want properties next to colleges, usually the most run down).