Need Auto Parts?

	Try amazon or ebay

Often grabbing a wrench(and a service maual) is hundreds of dollars cheaper than hiring anyone on the outside.
Often, as well- parts are extremely overpriced.
Auto parts shops are there for CONVIENENCE- and you PAY FOR IT. DEARLY.

Unfortunately car repairs, often requires “slight aptitude” and the ability to squeeze into tight spaces, and “source tools”.

Most engine are of a similar design, you just need to “learn to diagnose the problem”.
If you do it with source code- this is the “physical version”.

Most people want “someone else” to do it for them, or dont have the space to work.
It this “delegation to others”, thats costing you money.
Often shops pull stunts as well, dont do the repairs correctly, then overcharge consistently.
While this is illegal, shops are often only in business for money, and will get “grab happy” on a moments notice.

I am speaking from experience here-

	multiple attempts at the same repair cost me hundreds, 
	I fixed the problem in under 2 hours- for under $50.

Manufacture repair shops being what they are (theyre often overpriced by default).
Consult with a few gearheads if youre not sure about something, but often they too (unless its thier career), dont have the time to help–or just wont.

Grab a wrench or socket… and get to work.


This is another gotcha.

Oftentimes youre not dealing with new construction, but someone else’ used slop of a “definition of a house, that once suited THEM”. So you might have to fix some things with your house, update fixtures, fix bad plumbing lines…etc

Check with your location-

	Its not legal to plumb yourself(even as the homeowner) in some jurisdictions.

The 2018 International Building Code(Book) is available (here). Its a guide.
Consult with multiple sources of contractors, home repair blogs- often what youre doing, someone else has already had to deal with.

You may find:

Shitty wiring
Leaky or broken pipes
Bent pipes
"House Leftovers" (under the house)
Pest evidence/ Holes in parts of drywall, gaps in inside ceilings, baseboards, etc.
Insulation issues
Roof leaks
Ventilation issues(or gaps in the flashing, etc)
Loose outlets(common issue, over time)
Loose breakers(unrocked in the panel)
Breakers in the wrong locatio
Lack of GFCI outlets in wet locations


Drywall(gypsum) issues are the most common.

But the issue is that it becomes a “you do it for me” (with someone else’ property), problem.


Either they pay a contractor, they pay you upfront- OR DONT DO IT.
You wont get your money otherwise, and they get free labor(and repairs).

RTO contracts are known for people FAILING TO MAINTAIN HOUSES.

Even “normal” houses for sale, often have issues somewhere the current owner refuses to fix.
Insurance companies are catching on - they wont renew(or certifiy on purchase) a homeowners insurance policy -if certain conditions are present.


Dont be tempted at the offgrid lifestyle unless you have equity over 15K.
Just forget the idea.
Most buy this as an investment, but its speculative, at best.
Most likely- YOU WILL NEED OWNER CARRY FINANCE OPTIONS. Banks will not finance this.

Land may be “severely overpriced”.
Land may not be cleard, often at all.
Usually you get “just a bunch of trees”.

You wont find a parts store(Home depot, lowes, etc) nearby, you will have to haul water, lumber, etc.
You will need others to help you.
You will need a truck(4x4, offroad- non SUV) or a tow behind FLAT on your sedan.
You will need tools, “building knowledge”- code knowledge (for your area).

You may go over budget repeatedly.
You may have to check(and clear) with the county any work that you do.

Im not saying dont buy land..Im saying be aware- its hype on TV, a very hard life otherwise.

Those that can do it, often DO become DEBT free-
and often dont focus on anything else.

This is often not city life-
Cows, cyotes, wild hogs will be your companions..It will be MILES to the nearest gas station,etc.

A “desert guide”(NM) spells things out, “quite nicely”.

CAVEAT EMPTOR (let the buyer beware)

I can save your thousands- if youre thinking about this.
I have “land sources”.


If you like modern trends (and 10 year worry free warranties, pet safetynets) then I have two vendors for you.

	Home Reserve

You may have to pull some teeth with the first company(failure to communicate)- but they will “make things right”.

Furniture itself is often overpriced.
I just found “more affordable” furniture thru NEWEGG, of all sources.
Shop around.

I like “modular furniture” - its easy when you move as well.
My days of shoving “large, heavy” chairs and couches (thru skinny doors) IS OVER.