This website was spawned-

Out of a need to convey information quickly.

It is a personal "gripe" blog.

It can be mirrored on the ZeroNet(even by other folks not you).

No, Im not just ripping someone else off- Ive seen this site done a few ways from Tuesday. Its a good theme on top of Jekyll, but most have to murder it to suit a need.

I would like for once- to get what the GitHub promises(I want whats on the cereal box, as shown)- ON MY SERVER.

This site (was- it broke...) steamrolled thru jekyll, ran on an open source OS, somewhere- connected to the gigaFibernet. In case of SHTF- or the SPLINTERNET happens- I already got ahead of the curve on the zeronet with two domains so far.

I2P and DyDNS can be used- you can host- even from a HAM Radio network(the Hinternet)

If you know IT well enough- you can "build the internet". (WE DID IT ONCE BEFORE, with less.Anyone remember DARPANET?)

I DO play the (Electric) Bass. Some Electric.

Joke all you want-

Its still my name.

No fakers here, online, either. I am the only one with this name and MILITARY SERVICE.

My IT Experience

(All images for illustrative purposes)