So whats this site about?

This website is designed for blogging purposes.

All images used -are either “creative works” by the author (he/himself) or used under “fair use” Copyright law definition.
All source code referenced is the “creative work” of the author, and documented where it is not.

Website and all attached source code are Apache licensed(triple free)- and by definition

All I ask is credit where its due- and that you dont “steal code verbatim”.

If your method(s) of attacking the problem is THE VERY SAME- you just committed plagarism.
I got there first, if I didnt -I referenced the source.

Otherwise, you are free to use, and EXPAND on MY code- without cost, or other restrictions.

I take no repsponsibility for corporate entities “running off the rails” , getting grab happy with “code they didnt produce”, etc.
I support the “right to tinker”-

That includes

	"Private" Reverse engineering (to discover how things work)
	"BlackBox production"
	Project coordination
	Ripping shit apart/ fixing it.

If you dont support these rights, LEAVE NOW.

I will not answer spruious lawsuits, or play games with anyone or with “codes of conduct” miscreants running “clubs”.
These have be aggregiously abused in recent years, I will not support them any more.
I only support FEDERATED “social media” networks.

Yes, I play Electric Bass(flatwounds, even).
If youre wondering, TABS are a “bit easier” to understand than sheet music, but you still “have to know your instrument”.