Why Jekyll can suck - Jazz-Home

Yes, Jekyll can suck. REALLY BAD.
Others’ contributed code can turn into a nightmare of refactoring- literally, overnight.

A chunk of the why is: “shitposted GitHub Websites”. Thats how Jekyll started, (lets abuse Git) so thats how everyone distributes “changes”.

Each new “mod” wastes that much more space, and that much MORE of M$FTs bandwidth, needlessly.


Most of these themes- hell, even the core (Jekyll) is git-Hosted. GitHosting a live website is BAD. Very Bad.

For starters-

	You dont own GitHub
	It might not be here tomorrow
	GitHub is for Git(code), not your website, certainly not serving it.

(You people CAN “git” a clue and use a GitClone like GitTea elsewhere…)

Its owned by M$FT. NUFF SAID.


Go Tell “whose your” -(Go)Daddy, (Drunken)DreamHost, Name(sToo)Cheap(forThierOwnGood)- or whatever host you prefer-

That you want a domain with a VPS for hosting. Dont ever skimp.

	You want the Linux-
	you want only the Linux,
	you want nothing but the Linux.

Most people prefer Ubuntu/Debian and Apache-

	-because its the standard
	-because its well distributed
	-because they know it

YMMV. Get familiar with “something unix-ey”.

The goal is that you have “your server”, unrestricted- you can set up one- or 50 websites-

one domain- or 50 domains-

-and if you picked the right host(very hard)- -you can do it for pennies.

DIY Hosting

Self - host and DyDNS(sloooow!) while punching a hole thru your router(you did remember to DMZ, right?) if you like…I prefer ZeroNet (and the occasional overnight upload -and run).

If you find the few people mirroring other sites, reach out to them- its free, doesnt cost you a thing, and all you have to do is list your zite in the public directory.

I dont know how domains are working, namecoins have bben ooc for some time- even with “expired” domains, mine seem to be operational. I got in “before the blacklist of the coin”.

Either way, you still have BTC Domain addresses you can swap around. (Yes, you can suck that into a wallet- and recieve BTC at that address)


Now Jekyll can be a BITCH

So lets nose dive into the SERIOUS CAVEATS of using the “JEKYLL CONTENT SYSTEM”.

Liquid is HELL

No doubt about it, your understanding of Liquid is probably flawed, like mine. Liquid is not a “natural language”. Its syntax.

-And thats a TAX- you will pay.

The blog (or “subBlog19”) is broken (again!)

Yes, its a serious problem.

“The stupid shit” WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU


	You have no blogs posts there
	The filenames are wrong
	"post.in.posts.posts" line is wrong

But, If your getting major errors, look them up online.


Speed posting into HTML:

Use this when you need to use HTML, but dont want to format the (blog post) file by hand. Most of your documents and blog posts will be straight markdown-you wont need this -but in case you do, Heres the secret-

	Use a "office" application and copy/paste your formatted TEXT(you were using a text editor, right) from
	your blog editor(plain text editor) AS HTML-
	view the document (you inserted text as a web page) source code-
	and only copy back the HTML of the text you were editing.

	If the app asks to save the file, chose some location like your desktop-
	youre just going to throw the file away, and you dont need the entire document in HTML.
	(Use jekyll, its waay more powerful)

-This save hours of formatting woes.