Tech Support - Jazz-Home

Tech support is a “blame the user game” these days.

If you didnt set it up- expect to get flamed by "shitty admins".
They will never back down- file a BBB complaint, complain to ICANN
-its thier fault the server isnt secure.

No, the issue “is NOT your website” 90% of the time.

Where is the fault?

		WP plugins(3rd party devs not updating code)
		APACHE bugs
		SERVER OS bugs
		misconfigured security protocols(APACHE virt env)
		-and default settings..

90% of the time or more the default settings for a webserver are fine. They dont need to be constantly messed with.

THE ISSUE OF HACKING and responsible administration is NOT on you.
ITS ON THEM(the webhost).

They just refuse to take responsibility.So pardon me, while I go kick some ass- and spend money I should not have to.