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No really. Self-investing in homesteading by the ripe(young age) of 32.

When youre still able to physically do it- when you should be able to do it- when youre not too old-

and more not much–

You can clearly offer a service(market it as you like)- You will have goods(of all sorts) to sell.

Magic word:


Start small.

Think seeds. Think pairs of animals(rabbits, chickens, etc)


Then scale.

Dont waste your money on equipment UNTIL YOU HAVE IT TO WASTE.

With unrestricted land - a medium sized tall barn(sometimes modded to a home) can be bought (even modded) for 5-7K USD.

Land can be found cheaply as well. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO START LARGE.

(Less than one arce may be enough to start off.)

The goal is to be self-sufficient, not “walmart dependant”. The goal is not to “waste”.

Stop throwing the plastic you consume food with and save it up.

There is a lot to this- one post will NOT cover it.

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