SEcurity WARNing - Jazz-Home

Yes- I know about the http vs https fiasco.
(Actually, the site is more secure than you think.)

Either you pay a gazillion dollars to some schmuck that doesnt deserve it-
or everyone else is an asshole-
because u didnt [pay them].

Therefore- no SSL Cert.

How this plays into Mac OS Development

If you know anything about old macs- they dont internally support (the OS, sometimes the browser) modern day ciphers, either. You cant update them using code repositories because said code repositories REQUIRE hi(current) crypto...

(Chicken and the egg- neither came before the other.)

Forcing hi-end "bleeding edge" crypto onto those systems is just wrong.

These computers are more than capable- as are most Pentium systems.. and can keep up-
but many parts of the system OS are out-of-date(especially crypto pieces).
Unless you are doing hi-crypto things like BANKING, (BUYING SHIT YOU DONT NEED)...etc..
-youre usually fine.

You CAN surf the net via a text-based-browser. Its not pretty, but it works.

Denying the internet to folks "just because" is a trick-

It makes you spend more money on more hardware- and there was no need for any of that. All you needed was an updated crypto library(OpenSSL).

-Companies make trillions off of "sheepish users" like this.

Since I support CROSS-Platform and CROSS-Architecture programming..I cannot responsibly support forced SSL standards.
So, if this means I dont have an ACME or other SSL cert- and Google, Bing, and other engine want to play polotics- then SCREW THEM...
Im not bending or bowing down, worshipping someones ego, kissing the ring, or otherwise.
That means what that means.

H-T-T-Pee. There. I broke the internet- so it could work again. Youre welcome.

And yes, I will link WORKING(as of Sep 2020) "Macintosh Web Browsers" that can be downloaded without using SSL,
so you can get going USING IT.

(This was a Nice "FU" from M$FTs Github.)
GitHub(M$ft) broke "Homebrew" and "MacPorts" (on purpose- to halt older OS development?).
These "systems" are used by more people than you think.

-No. I dont plan on using GH anymore.
If you want to know why- read up on "Tech Support".