Welcome to my personal site and "Rant-Hole".
NO, I dont slander. I TELL THE TRUTH.

If you Dont like what I have to say, FIX YOUR ACT.
Posts will not be corrected , (nor removed) until such time.

I believe in FIGHTING for my FREEDOM, online or off.

I will not respond to DCMA takedowns, and I will sue any isp for taking content offline.


Lazarus and FPC Graphics API (uses SDL/SDL2)


Why Jekyll can suck

Jekyll- (and all dependecy projects of Jekyll) are broken.Ubuntu 18 packages are broken as well.

Tech Support

Tech support is a “blame the user game” these days.


You should notice the abstraction from raw details and “metadata” gatherable info.
This is on purpose. You dont realize it, but skynet is operational right now(in a different aspect) in china.
Social media is selling data points on you, right now.

Search Engines

Google, Bing, and others are MANIPULATING search results.

The Point in life


SEcurity WARNing

Yes- I know about the http vs https fiasco.
(Actually, the site is more secure than you think.)

Do I care if you turn off JS- or use a browser like Dillo? NO.
Of course not- but since JS and CSS and HTML are all Ive got in the tool bag here-
You might be missing out on some functionality.

I dont gather your data- I cannot speak for merchant Shopping carts, etc.